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User Report: 76561198390770929 (Strange)

So, I was playing a game when Strange messaged me and said Hello. I said hello back. He asked me who I was because he had forgotten. I told him and he remembered who I was. Then he asked me if I had anything that I didn't want. I told him that I don't really care about my cases both for TF2 and CS:GO. He told me that he could pay with a 5 dollar steam wallet code. He sent me the trade offer and told me to accept it (It was all of my cases) and then he would send code. Now about 8 hours and 25 minutes later he hasn't send the code yet despite me sending him messages asking where my 5 dollar steam wallet code is. I told him if he didn't have one he could just send the cases back. I checked and cases aren't tradeable anymore. I also sent to him that he can just send me 2 refind instead. Just want to note that this wasn't a small quanity of cases. here is link to proof. He hasn't sent anything back and no messages back either.

These 3 pics are our conversation. These screenshots was taken before I sent him the "You can just give me 2 refind instead" message. That's all I have to say.

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    OverduePixels commented

    Hello, please provide Uncropped and Unedited screenshots of your ENTIRE chat with the user from this page -- -- Please find them on a web browser and hover your mouse over the name of the user you are interacting with so we can see the URL at the bottom left corner of the screen. Then upload them to an image hosting service (imgur for example) and post the links to your evidence of screenshot here.

    Example- should look like this -

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    Littlearne commented

    OverduePixels I'm on a mac so I can't take pic of everything right now. I will use my PC later today. Will take screenshot then

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    OverduePixels commented

    You mentioned about providing the evidence but you never followed up. Do you plan to pursue this report or drop the report at this moment?