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User Report: 76561198307761034 (Ember The Inkling)

personally believe ember should be banned or punished in some way, as he has not only scammed two children -- Heavy A and MR.Pikafighter74 -- but also admitted to it and boasted about it, saying things such as, "i have no regrets from doing so", "he deserved my scam hammer", "Yes i've scammed him. But for his own good.", and "thats what he gets from not knowing anything in trading". Me and a few friends approached him and called him out, and while we could have been much more mature about the entire situation we did tell him what he did was wrong and tried to make him at least apologise for his actions. Instead, he tried to sway his own personal group against us, claiming that we harassed him for playing splatoon* and that we were not to be trusted. To this day, several months later, he still hasn't paid back or even apologised and that is why I think he should be punished.

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