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This user is using this website: {LINK REMOVED} to scam people of their items. It is a jackpot website. all of the items i submitted to the jackpot, which i won 3 jackpots, are now in his inventory. even though i won they wont deliver my winnings. SCAM AND FRAUD ALL IN ONE

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    Hello, since you mentioned in your description that you did log in. I highly suggest you to do the following as you might have been hijacked.

    1. Change password immediately, and also change it anywhere else you have the same password set. The scammer will try to log into your email with it when he loses access.

    2. De-authorize all other devices here:

    3. Revoke any API keys set. Their only use, if you don't know what it is, is keeping control of your account.

    Once you have done all that, please reply here so we can continue with the report.

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    Closing due to lack of follow up. You can reopen this yourself if you would like to add the required evidence.

    A guide on reporting can be found here -

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