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Random guy whose account seems to have been untouched since 2016 (until recently) commented a phishing link on myself and a few other people I know's profiles.


his profile:

my profile: (i'll leave the comment up for a while for proof).

Ignoring the absurdity of the idea that the people behind this "Elitetf2" site (which actually redirects to "tf2itemraffle", a domain registered only 4 days ago) have multiple top tier 1 of 1 unusuals in their possession, I jumped in and got proof from the horse's mouth that it's a scam site.

It's not a hijacking scam like most phishing sites tend to be, it's a refund scam where they "have to verify security" by having you give them $25 worth of items as collateral before you get some supposed top-tier hat in return.

I shadowplayed my entire conversation with their live support (which honestly, the first minute and a half is good enough, the rest is me pressing them about how the site is a scam), so a video timestamp and all is available here:

Otherwise, here's a screenshot showing the relevant bits:

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    Hello, we do not deal with reports of this nature unless you are in direct contact with them. Since, they only left a random phishing related comment, I suggest that you report this to steam so they are marked and comment like that automatically gets removed by Steam. As a result, this report will be archived. Thank you for your report nonetheless!

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