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User Report: 76561198309410655 (LOL)

He's involved in a Steam admin impersonation scam, along with SR Largo Bois (SteamID: 76561198329866706) Who I've also reported. I am unsure if they are the same person with alt's, or partners. Screenshot:

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    Zeussie S>Games commented

    Please provide screenshots of the complete chat with the accused via your Friend Chat Message history. Please do this in a web browser and in at least one of the screenshots hover your mouse over the accused's name so that their profile URL shows in the bottom corner of the browser. All screenshots need to be uncropped and unedited.

    You can view your Friend Chat Message history by going logging into Steam and going to,

    Steam Support > My Account > Data Related to your Steam Account > Friend Chat Messages

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    All72Virgins commented
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    Zeussie S>Games commented

    The reported user has been banned from the site, and your report has been marked ready for review. Our admin will assess if a steamrep mark can be applied as soon as they are available.

    Notes: Accused profile Chat 1 Chat 2

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    Tag applied.

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