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User Report: 76561197961739692 (Lambretta)

This account impersonating a steam support admin, and is an alt-account of the marked scammer:, who in conjunction with a third account ( acting under the pretext of a database for checking items' validity, tricked me into accepting a trade offer for almost all my items of value in TF2, worth around £50. I can provide a screenshot of the trade offer and of the fact that Lambretta and the Kostek impersonator friended me today, but I was unable to capture any of the chat messages before the accounts unfriended me. The scam involved an hour of intricate diplomacy to get me to believe they were a genuine and trustworthy person, even though I am very aware of scammers and have reported several in the past. While it is pretty much impossible to get my items back now, I hope I can stop anyone else from being fooled like I was.