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This user has refused to accept his B/O in full pure (obviously) on multiple occasions, four to be exact. I do not have proof for three of them, but only one. I am giving my word here about three of them, so I hope you can take it as actual proof.

I don't know the exact date, but I was hunting for a GBH Bonk Boy, because I love the effect and I will never get the TW one. I added all four owners, and I ended up getting in contact with them. They all said they were not interested in selling for 350-400 keys. After some time, Do Not Chase, listed his for 400 keys pure. I went ahead and offered him 350, but he declined and etc etc, I keep offering higher, either 370 or 375 he declines. I finally get to his B/O of 400, and he says he is no longer selling as he no longer needs a car. I gave him a pass since my first offer was not his B/O and said it was my fault. I can not remember much about the second occasion, but I am pretty sure it was similar to the first (so it is irrelevant). On the third occasion, I offered him full pure 400 keys. He then proceeded to say he was not selling, removed me eventually and then listed it on marketplace.tf. After all this I was pretty annoyed. But I let it slide and I knew I wouldn't get the Bonk Boy if I reported him, so I held back. My belief now is that he is a fucking troll and lists it for the fun of it.

The most recent occasion was two days ago. My friend Reaper, (or whatever that idiot changes his name to) informs me that the GBH Bonk Boy is on the market for 400 keys, - https://imgur.com/a/fCYFJp7

as he knows I want it. I go get 400 keys together and send him the offer. - https://imgur.com/a/x6FOqOX (Image doesn't show 400 as it does not fit, should be fine though?)

Some keys I accidentally traded away making me resend it. It has been close to 48 hours now (I believe or more) and he has not responded. Now you can use the excuse of "I don't have the time to count the keys" sure, but there are scripts, and if you wanted to cash out to buy a car you'd be counting that shit as soon as you see a pure offer. It is stupid and he should be banned. He has been online multiple times to see the offer.

Anyway, thanks,


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    ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡SɱoƙE 🚬 commented

    Has the trade been declined?

    Can you provide your chat logs with this user

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    Pigeon commented · Pigeon edited

    I requested to add him and he declined. The prior three incidences he has spoken to me in chat, but I no longer have access. He has acknowledged the trade https://imgur.com/a/0g6tG5P via his Steam bio. He has also taken the listen on classifieds for his GBH Bonk Boy. This means it is the fourth time he has done this. And no, the trade has not been declined, but he probably won't decline it if he is smart. Most likely he will wait for it to expire.

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    ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡SɱoƙE 🚬 commented

    We give users 24 hours time to accept a trade. Anything longer than that proven the user being online is a warnable offense for 1st time. Since you do not have evidence for the other 3 times I am gonna count this one as the 1st.

    Report back here after 24 hours have passed with a screenshot of the active trade offer uncropped and unedited

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    Pigeon commented

    Sorry, I had work. The trade was still up this morning and I forgot to get a picture of it. I have now traded some keys away and it went unavailable for trade. https://imgur.com/a/ZObZ10U

    Still can't fit everything in, but should be more than enough proof.

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    ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡SɱoƙE 🚬 commented

    Thank you for the report.

    The user has been warned.

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