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User Report: 76561198271855187 ([KEK Squad] DWHD SKINHUB.COM)

Pulled a bait and switch against me for my sunbeams, He acted like he was buying my stormy storm dapper, and after several trade offer negotiations he switched the stormy for my sunbeams, I was on mobile and couldnt see details, Guy is NOT meant to be trusted

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    yoda gaming commented

    Still highly annoyed, it was an item I earned with my friends, and started a group with.

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Please provide screenshot proof of all of your trade offers both sent to and received from this user. They should be uncropped (whole screen visible), unedited, and taken in web browser rather than Steam client.

    Did you have any additional communication with this user besides the trade offers that were sent back and forth?

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    yoda gaming commented · yoda gaming edited

    No sir, I didnt, I was blocked shortly after. however, I am not sure if I know how to access offer histories, I can provide the trade deal

    I also have no clue how to post the picture here from screencap, I am terribly sorry.

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Go to your inventory page on Steam and click the "trade offers" button. You can see past offers there, both sent and received. Upload your images to imgur and post the links here.

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Closing due to lack of a follow up. You can reopen this yourself if you would like to add the required evidence.

    A guide on reporting can be found here - https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/53663-guide-for-reporting-on-the-main-site/

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