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User Report: 76561198189954069 (MAGA!)

Tried to scam me by offering a "Strange Festivized Scattergun" (not worth even a key) and said that it was a "Strange Festive Scattergun" (worth 12+ keys)

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    Hell Killy💫I have no alts commented · Hell Killy💫I have no alts edited

    He's already banned on the site, and got scammer tag and 50 negative ratings. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Report him on Steam (sure they received billions of compaints against him), warn your friends and move on :/

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    Marty Birdman commented · Marty Birdman edited

    Contrary to the comment left above, if you would like to move forward with your report, we can gather the necessary evidence and add it to the notes on their account to show that the have continued scamming, should they ever appeal.

    How did you interact with the reported user - through trade offers, steam chat, or some other method?

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    Worfy commented

    He sent me a tradeoffer where he said "My Strange Festive Scattergun (12.5 keys) for your Unusual Taunt (10.5 keys)! OVERPAY!" (Or something along those lines, I don't remember it exactly) And like I said in the report, instead of it being a Strange Festive Scattergun it was a Strange Festivized Scattergun. I didn't interact with the guy in any other way, I just canceled the tradeoffer and reported them to Valve.

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Please take two screenshots from your trade offer screen. Take them in browser rather than the Steam client, and do not crop or edit them in any way (the whole screen should be visible).

    The first should show the trade offer, with your cursor hovering over the image of the offered item, demonstrating that it is the festivized variant. The second should show the trade offer, with your cursor hovering over the profile picture of the user offering it to you, so that their profile URL is displayed in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.

    Upload both screens to imgur and post the links here.

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    Worfy commented

    Here are the links to the images:



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    Marty Birdman commented

    Thank you for following up. Your report has been marked ready for review, and our admin will assess it as soon as they are available.





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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented

    Tag applied.

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