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User Report: 76561198120604018 (Guns)

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    sirploko commented

    The user is already marked on Steamrep as a scammer for impersonation with intent to defraud.

    Thank you for the report nonetheless.

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    sirploko commented

    Did you have a conversation with the user at all, where he tried to pretend he is the real guy or where he tried to scam you? If so, please post screenshots of that conversation here by navigating to your Steam account data page chat logs ( ) in a browser and hovering over the name of the user, so that the link to his Steam profile appears in the lower left corner. Make a screenshot of the page and post it here, like so:

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    Canned Bepis commented

    Sorry it took me so long, I forgot to check on this. Here's my screencap

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    sirploko commented

    Thank you very much, we will review the case to see if an additional SR tag can be applied.


    Proof of identity:

    Asks the user to check the backpack via the link on his profile, which goes to the impersonated users BP.

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented

    Tag applied.

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