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User Report: 76561198408013405 (brain_culture)

User added me and offered me a decent trade, 15 keys for my Disco-beatdown Ye oiled baker boy (13,5 keys) + my strange merc muffler (1,9 keys). This trade quickly developed into a easy to notice scam that made me suspicious. The suspect wanted me to show the "item market graph" for them to trade them at an proffesional level. When I asked him about it he copy and pasted a long message about what it was. Apparently I need to "verify" my items to confirm the trade. This is a very common scam. I also checked his profile where he is currently permanently banned from "ppm" for scamming, He also has a clearly fake positive comment on his profile from a few years ago that also confirms that he uses the "verify item scam". Because I can't add images here please add me on steam to get chat screenshots.

Thank you in advance for reading my report and maybe bringing justice on this person //Breel

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    OverduePixels commented

    Hello, all evidence needs to be posted here. Please upload them to an image hosting service (imgur, for example) and post the links here. Thank you.

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    Alec commented

    @Breel: wait a second ... so you _trusted_ the scammer's "My Backpack" link and _then_ used link from profile? Instead of using directly? This would be funny if it wasn't so sad as your were most likely talking to or or some other impersonator.

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    Breel commented

    Wait they have multiple banned accounts already? Didn't know that :/.

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    Breel commented

    Will also try to add the steam chats tomorrow, it's getting late.

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    Alec commented · Alec edited

    You did not get it...

    1) Use to find the Steam account you were talking to

    2) Make screenshots for you report (with mouse over user's name so URL is visible in the bottom corner)

    3) Use with that Steam account (the way you should use it)

    4) Remove your wrong feedback from _real_ brain_culture's BP profile (who was _impersonated_ by a scammer)

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    Breel commented

    Here is a Imgur Link to the chats.

    I am sorry for giving negative feedback on the real Brain_culture and feel a little stupid for trusting the scammers link, I have now removed the -rep on their trust profile.

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    Teeny Tiny Cat commented

    Ban and tag applied to correct user. In future please ensure you are reporting the right person before clicking submit.

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    Breel commented

    Thank you for taking time out of your day for this. And very sorry for being clumsy and reporting the wrong guy, won't happen again.

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    Shay 🦊 commented

    Sorry for posting here on a 2 months old thread. This person is still actively trying this.

    Them offering me 30 keys pure for just 23 keys worth of items was already a big red flag to dig a little further into his profile... Steamrep did a good job putting me on high alert.