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User Reports

User Report: 76561198352192647 (Glenn Rogers)

This user is part of a fradulent steam admin scam. I have unfortuantely fallen victim to his scams, through my rash actions. However, I will do my best to make sure he gets punished...

The following users were involved with the scam: ( and (

This person first uses ( to convince the other person that they have scammed items. This user then links you to this account, where he will tell you to send a few items into a "database" which in fact is just another scammed account. This "database" is right here ( Once you do that, they immediately block you, and you never see them again...

Other users have reported of this scam, and the other two accounts were approriately banned (but not on steam, which I aim to do). However, this account hasn't been banned yet. Please, take note of this report and listen to the other users who were scammed by them.