APIs based on user tokens are insecure and will eventually be removed.

backpack.tf is rolling out a new set of web APIs based on OAuth. Web APIs based on user token authentication will be removed at some point in the near future. You are encouraged to update your app to use the new OAuth endpoints as soon as they become available. Please read the OAuth docs for more information.

My Listings GET /api/classifieds/listings/v1

Get your own Classifieds listings.

This API requires an access token.

Usage of the Subscriptions and Notifications API to check for unwanted changes is preferred, but sometimes not always possible, especially when it comes to listings being hidden because you lack currency in your inventory. Occassional usage is okay, no more than a few times per day. This API returns all your listings is one go, whereas the search API requires you to paginate (and is generally slower). Note that the steamid property is not available, it is implied by you accessing your listings yourself.


  • token - Your backpack.tf account's access token. (XXXXXXXX)
  • item_names - If set, adds a "name" property to each item object.
  • intent - Filter listings by intent. Can be 0 (buy) or 1 (sell). If missing, returns listings with both intents.
  • inactive - If 0, hides inactive listings.
  • message - If the status code is not 2xx, this contains the reason for failure.
  • cap - Your listings cap.
  • promotes_remaining - How many promoted listing slots you have remaining. Only >0 if you have Premium.
  • listings - Listings returned (array). May be empty if you have no listings.
    • listing element
      • id - The listing's internal id. Guaranteed to be unique.
      • item - WebAPI-style item object. A "name" property will be available containing the formatted item name if item_names (input) is 1. A "marketplace_price" property will be available if the listing is a Marketplace.tf cross-listing.
      • appid - Which game this listing belongs to.
      • currencies - Which currencies the user is looking for. Uses backpack.tf internal currency names (e.g. metal).
      • offers - Whether the user accepts trade offers or only adds for this listing.
      • buyout - Whether the user allows negotiation.
      • details - User entered listing comment. This is not html-escaped.
      • created - Unix timestamp, at which the listing was created.
      • bump - Unix timestamp, at which the listing was last bumped. If the listing has never been bumped, this will be equal to created.
      • intent - Either 0 (Buy) or 1 (Sell).
      • automatic - Set if the user will automatically accept a matching offer.
      • count - If the listing would be folded, refers to how many items this listing stacks.
      • promoted - If set, the listing is a Premium promoted listing.