Market Skin Images GET /api/market/images/v1

Retrieve image ids for TF2 skins.

This API has no cooldown.

These were scraped by us from SCM. We do not update this list much, if at all. One-time copy/paste usage by a developer should be sufficient. IDs should be prefixed with "". The URL accepts a suffix at the end for an alternative size. We recommend /128x128 for small images, then downscaling with CSS (or another dynamic mechanism), so the images remain crisp on high dpi screens.


  • key - Your API key. (XXXXXXXX)
  • message - If the status code is not 2xx, this contains the reason for failure.
  • skins - Images for decorated weapons and their wear tiers, including many festivized weapons. Not all possible combinations are provided as not every single one is in our database. Keyed by item name.
  • festivized - Images for stock festivized skins, such as the Festive Spy-cicle. Keyed by defindex.