IGetSpecialItems v1 GET /api/IGetSpecialItems/v1

Returns internal backpack.tf item placeholders for a given game

This API may only be called once every 1800 seconds. A Retry-After header with a Unix timestamp at which another request may be made will be provided, if the request was rate limited.

The response from this API is cached globally for 43200 seconds.

The response by this API rarely, if ever, changes. In many cases simply copying the example output below is sufficient.


  • format - The response format. Default: json. Valid options: json, jsonp, vdf, pretty.
  • callback - JSONP only. Name of the function.
  • key - Your backpack.tf API key. (XXXXXXXX)
  • appid - Steam app to return data for. Default: 440 (Team Fortress 2). Valid options: 440, 570, 730.
  • response
    • success - 1 if successful, 0 otherwise.
    • message - If success is 0, this contains the reason for failure.
    • current_time - The server time when the response was created
    • items - An array of special items
      • Schema item document style

Example Output

Input GET http://backpack.tf/api/IGetSpecialItems/v1?key=XXXXXXXX
    "response": {
        "success": 1,
        "current_time": 1488666707,
        "items": [
                "name": "Random Craft Hat",
                "item_name": "Random Craft Hat",
                "defindex": -2,
                "item_class": "tf_wearable",
                "item_type_name": "Currency Item",
                "item_description": "Any item that is considered to be a random craft hat.",
                "item_quality": 0,
                "min_ilevel": 1,
                "max_ilevel": 1,
                "image_url": "https:\/\/steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net\/apps\/440\/icons\/kit_fancyhats.bf5ba4ea973728df20402c0c9a4737f18d5d560c.png",
                "image_url_large": "https:\/\/steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net\/apps\/440\/icons\/kit_fancyhats_large.800ea1b16df707ffa27f9f6e6033e8ba3f0f5333.png",
                "appid": 440