IGetMarketPrices v1 GET /api/IGetMarketPrices/v1

Get SCM price information in a readable format

This API may only be called once every 300 seconds. A Retry-After header with a Unix timestamp at which another request may be made will be provided, if the request was rate limited.

The response from this API is cached globally for 900 seconds.


  • format - The response format. Default: json. Valid options: json, jsonp, vdf, pretty.
  • callback - JSONP only. Name of the function.
  • key - Your backpack.tf API key.
  • appid - Steam app to return data for. Default: 440 (Team Fortress 2). Valid options: 440, 570, 730.
  • response
    • success - 1 if successful, 0 otherwise.
    • message - If success is 0, this contains the reason for failure.
    • current_time - The server time when the response was created
    • items - Items on the SCM.
      • market_hash_name
        • last_update - Unix timestamp indicating the last time the price was parsed by us.
        • quantity - How many of this item are for sale right now.
        • value - Value of this item in cents (100 = $1.00).