~205 keys
Unusual Hot Dogger It's A Secret To Everybody

Sale 1:


Sold for ~5 keys in sweets + Cloudy Moon Company Man (193)

~34 keys
time warp
Unusual Katyusha Time Warp

Hey, its been a very long time since someone has shown this hat some love and I'm here to do just that :D

Sold for:

Unusual taunt: Fubar Fanfare Specteral

Unusual Cosa Nostra Cap Stare From Beyond
Unusual Herald's Helm Disco Beat Down
~145 keys
Unusual Kiss King Frostbite

Kiss King Mini

Creds to Shuffle for the HWNN mini and Sale #2

Sale #1

Sold for a Scorching Flames Connoisseur's Cap along with 5 keys.

Unusual Belgian Detective Starstorm Insomnia
Unusual Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Starstorm Slumber

Seems to show that priced differ from mid twenties to low thirties.


Unusual Coldsnap Cap Blizzardy Storm

Themed? All-class? 1/1 ? Sexy? Yes! Hey everyone, FIRST EVER suggestion so constructive criticisms, comments, feedback very welcome and much appreciated!

~101 keys
Unusual War Pig Disco Beat Down

This still seems a little overpriced, imo. But hey, I'm just reporting the sales.

Sold for a Purple Energy Conjurer's Cowl(72.5 Keys, round to 73) and

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