black hole
Unusual Fruit Shoot Green Black Hole


Green ones.

Resuggesting because of plugin that thinks that pricing stuff based on scm lots is a good idea

Sale #1!/compare/1486857

~23 keys
Unusual Bloke's Bucket Hat Circling Heart
~24 keys
Unusual Taunt: Spent Well Spirits Silver Cyclone

I like Cyclones

Happy Weekend + Happy Holidays (It's Feb Half Term here!)

Selling: - 27 Days @ 22 Keys

Sale 1)!/comp

~100 keys
[email protected]
Unusual Killer's Kabuto Death at Dusk
Unusual Tipped Lid Starstorm Insomnia


Sale 1:

Sold for Chiroptera Venenata Physician’s Protector (Mini at 60 below)+ ~1.5 keys in items

~30.5 keys
tf logo
Unusual Runner's Warm-Up Circling TF Logo

No inspiration for suggestions?

Click on these links and they will

~220 keys
Unusual Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Sunbeams

[i]Thought I'd refresh update this piece of technology.

3 recent sales, 1 year outdated.

Sale 1:!/compare/1484006400/1484092800
Unusual Herald's Helm Purple Energy

History are messed up, credits to erik for pointing that out. - Herald's Helm (went from Needle Weedle to TRES GR)

~38.5 keys
Unusual Swagman's Swatter Circling Heart

WITH THE FRIZZ? NO WAY!!/compare/1486252800/1486425600

40 pure


sold with

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