Unusual Bruce's Bonnet Searing Plasma

Searing Plasma Bruce's Bonnet

Sale #1!/compare/1480723200/1480809600

Sold with ~4 keys in sweets for Green

Unusual Virtual Reality Headset Tesla Coil

I like VR

3 Exist

Sale 1)!/compare/1481846400/1481932800 - Sold for an Aussie Knife

[b] = 18

~26 keys
Unusual Tyrant's Helm Green Confetti

Tai Rant

-Sold for a blizz SnS(20.5 keys, taking 21) + 5 keys pure (26 keys total):!/compare/1483315200/1483401600

Unusual Brigade Helm Neutron Star

Fireman from your dreams!

This is a 1 of 1 unusual. With 2 recent sales.

Sale #1

Sold for a Circling Peace Sign Surgeon's Stahlhelm (freshly

Unusual Taunt: The Boston Breakdance Infernal Smoke

Infernal Smoke Boston Breakdance ( This is a little remake of my previous suggestion. )

It's my first suggestion, so I'm learning it..

This new unusual

Unusual Bruce's Bonnet Vivid Plasma

Vivid Plasma Bruce's Bonnet

Sale #1!/compare/1485734400/1485907200

Sold for Duped Flaming Lantern Noble

Unusual Well-Rounded Rifleman Tesla Coil

Stupid Mistake on my part.


Sale #1

C.Hearts Robo Modest + Stat Track Prof Ks Red Bear Shotgun (FT)!/compare/1482796800/1482883200

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