neutron star
Unusual Bonk Leadwear Neutron Star

Neutron Star Bonk Leadwear

(First suggestion please leave criticism)

Bought for Orbiting Fire Baker Boy @ 20 keys

- [url]

~19 keys
Unusual Bot Dogger Orbiting Planets

Orbiting Planets Bot Dogger

Resuggestion -


~27 keys
cloud 9
Unusual Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats Cloud 9

Sold:!/compare/1479427200/1480118400 - sold with 3 keys for Starstorm Slumber Nasty Norsemann = 21 keys

neutron star
Unusual Winter Woodsman Neutron Star

resuggesting courtesy of polar and LegoTonix

sale 1!/compare/1483488000/1483574400

mn rebel rouser (24)

~19 keys
Unusual Crocleather Slouch Green Confetti

Green Confetti Crocleather Slouch

Seller(s): 17, 3x19, buyer @13

~67.5 keys
morning glory
Unusual Desert Marauder Morning Glory

Morning Glory Desert Marauder

New price: 60 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 60 keys!/compare/1476316800/1476403200

~47 keys
Unusual Ground Control Massed Flies

Outdated for 2 years, such a nice hat, god-awful effect! selling for 29 keys --->

Unsold for over a month --->

Unusual Minigun Cool

Cashew's Free Suggestions #3

Sale) Sold for a Smoking Brown Bomber + Strange Antlers (1.5 Keys) + Strange Festive Sapper

starstorm insomnia
Unusual Full Metal Drill Hat Starstorm Insomnia
~87.47 keys
black hole
Unusual Scotsman's Stove Pipe Green Black Hole

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