~1075 keys
Unusual Hong Kong Cone Sunbeams

Super expensive shiny pixels, bruh (⌐■_■)

Strange Unuuals are worth more???

Maybe true for low-mid tier ones.


sold for S. GE Pig + Heart

~17.5 keys
Unusual Noble Amassment of Hats Orbiting Planets

Modest pile of hat > towering pillar > this

Sold for a Nuts & Bolts Elf Esteem(8.5 Keys) and an Australium Frontier Justice(9.5 Keys)(18 Keys

Unusual Professional's Panama It's A Secret To Everybody
~1350 keys
Unusual Polar Pullover Spellbound
~175 keys
Unusual Charmer's Chapeau Hellfire

1 sale around in the last 3 month

Sold for a clean Scorching Flames Tyrolean + added 10 keys

Tyro just got updated to 140~ + the 10 keys that got added

~14 keys
Unusual Wing Mann Tesla Coil

There are 122 TC wing manns in existence. I wonder how many of them are strange.

Sold for a Disco Beat Down Cadaver's Cranium(11.5 Keys, round to 12)

the ooze
Unusual Law The Ooze

Hey guys I am going to price this hat. Its been unpriced for so long. Last known sale was 3 years ago .

Only 1 recent sale over 3 years.


Unusual Fur-lined Fighter Overclocked

I think I'm going to collect fur-lined fighters

This one was missing in a private inventory for over a year, glad I got it.


~14 keys
Unusual Wing Mann Tesla Coil

High energy hat.

Sold for a Neutron Star Wing Mann(10 Keys)


Sold for 11.5

~75 keys
Unusual Mask of the Shaman Steaming

One recent sale!

http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198112281935#!/compare/1487462400/1487548800 - Bulk

65 key seller for OVER 2 months AND a seller at

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