~18.5 keys
Unusual Full Metal Drill Hat Aces High

What in the world?

Aces, higher than C9 and both Storm effects? How?

I sugest we bring this over-priced beast down to par.

Bought for a Steaming Brigade

starstorm slumber
Unusual Black Watch Starstorm Slumber
~36 keys
Unusual Tough Stuff Muffs Bubbling


http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198156255538#!/compare/1479686400/1479772800 - sold with sweets for Strange Australium Rocket Launcher = 35 keys

~33.5 keys
Unusual Company Man Kill-a-Watt
tesla coil
Unusual Brim-Full Of Bullets Tesla Coil

http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/28562961 -- Sorry in advance... :\

http://imgur.com/mWIVk8N -- Bought for 30 keys pure

http://imgur.com/a/rbLjg -- Proof

~0.08 ref
Unique Darwin's Danger Shield

[spoiler]Polar please go easy on me, I had more uncraftable sales on other weps which I didn't create a suggestion for - following your comment, but this

Unusual Cold Killer Stare From Beyond


https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198175080646#!/compare/1479340800/1479600000 - sold with sweets for + Neutron Star Backwards Ballcap = 43 keys

~8 keys
Unusual Dread Knot Aces High

2 years old update.

Sold for 8 keys 3 ref


Sold for 7 keys and 2 in sweets

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