starstorm slumber
Unusual Hermes Starstorm Slumber

Sale #1!/compare/1481587200/1481673600

Sold for Blizz Soldered (25) + ~ 9 keys sweets = 34


~25 keys
Unusual Taunt: Deep Fried Desire '72

Sold:!/compare/1482537600/1482624000 - sold for Strange Professional Killstreak Festive Rocket Launcher

~23.5 keys
Unusual Rebel Rouser Bubbling

Only sale I could find.

Sale #1

Sold for 18k.!/compare/1482451200/1482537600


Unusual Herald's Helm Miami Nights

It is being listed as 30 everywhere and being that its the only 2 it would be nice to be sold

neutron star
Unusual Scotsman's Stove Pipe Neutron Star

So... I planned on stopping for today, but this game came :/

0.11 Sale:

No sellers on classifieds or outpost:

~17 keys
Unusual Madame Dixie Stormy Storm

Such a rainy day...

#1. Unsold from bot for almost 3 weeks now with a buyout of 14 keys + 5.11 ref (rounding down to 14 keys)

~49 keys
Unusual Attendant Flaming Lantern

No recent sales except on a duped one. Fish says I can't drop unusuals with duped sales if the unusual is over 30 keys so this should be ok.


~31 keys
Unusual Familiar Fez Searing Plasma

Sold:!/compare/1482364800/1482451200 - sold for Blizzardy Storm Conquistador + Steaming Handyman's Handle

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