neutron star
Unusual Federal Casemaker Neutron Star
Unusual Aviator Assassin Orbiting Fire

The strange one is the only one that has sales ;-;

Give me tips / help me please.

Sale 1:!/compare/1480636800/1480723200

~23.5 keys
Unusual Bolted Bicorne Phosphorous

0.5 key raise.


young and unbumped at 23 keys

1 recent sale:

1:1 with a tesla coil helmet without a home, recently priced at 26. Buyout for bicorne

~49 keys
Unusual Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats Phosphorous
starstorm slumber
Unusual Human Cannonball Starstorm Slumber

Sold:!/compare/1482710400/1482796800 - sold for Hot Professional Killstreak Flower Power Shotgun (Battle

~48 keys
Unusual Patriot Peak Bubbling

Is this allowed?

Please tell me if there are sales >~<

Clean unsold at 36 Keys for 27 days:


Unusual Toy Tailor Vivid Plasma

Well, that guy was rude.

ONLY RECENT SALE: creds to trashcan

~99 keys
Unusual Hat With No Name Vivid Plasma

Cashew's (Half-)Free Suggestions #8

Sale) Sold for a Haunted Ghosts Valhalla Helm + 3 Keys!/compare/1481068800/148115

~19 keys
Unusual Base Metal Billycock Amaranthine

Requested by Juju.

Sale 1

Sold for an Aces Belt (23) + ~2 keys in sweets ----- Credits to Juju!/compare/1483747200/1483833600

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