~2.75 keys
Strange Scoper's Smoke

This is my first pricing of unpriced item xD

Sale at 3 keys : http://imgur.com/a/0sxXH

Rolling with 3 keys flat

~60 keys
Unusual Brain-Warming Wear Burning Flames

Credits go to Eazy Peazy Sqeezy Lemons, he just forgot to resuggest and it has been a while :/

Message to Eazy Peezy: If you want me to remove this suggestion

~1.44 ref
Unique Tuxxy
~1.55 ref
Unique Mann of the House

Tons of Sellers at 1.55 ref: http://imgur.com/a/IDA1T

History of items being sold:



~0.88 ref
Unique Sapper

2 being sold for .88 ref (one has matured for 4 days): http://imgur.com/a/kf1Ao

Item histories: http://backpack.tf/item/5557678666


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