~37.5 keys
Unusual Winter Woodsman Starstorm Slumber

Same Info as other suggestion, but different interpretation of numbers. Disclosure: I do own this hat and I did quick buy it for a cheap price, but I do

~6 keys
Strange Snow Scoper

I have been waiting to sell and price this

Sold for Strange Starduster: http://imgur.com/a/6dzOU

B/O was 6 keys and Starduster was priced 2 months

~17.55 ref
Unique Pallet of Crates

This may need a range due to SCM sales, but I can't decide if they are outliers or not :/

Buyer at 20 ref

Link to last suggestion, discussing range:

~19.22 ref
Genuine AWPer Hand

Buyer at 19.77 ref

This does need a change, I know it isn't 5% but I seem to recall that not being a rule anymore

We will see how it goes I guess :P

~17.55 ref
Unique Pallet of Crates

Buyer at 19 ref

SCM is at $2.25 which supports that a change is needed

~19.22 ref
Genuine AWPer Hand

Buyer of multiple at 19.55 ref

two sellers at 19 ref and below, but they aren't bumped sooooooooooo

~19.11 ref
Strange Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.II

4 sellers at 19.11 ref

Buyers at 17 ref, so this may drop further

Let it Ride

~9.77 ref
Unique Sub Zero Suit

Ugh this is a small change :/ Oh well, too many sellers below to ignore I guess

Sellers at 9.66 are countered by buyers at 9.66

tons of sellers at 9.77

~50 keys
Unique Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect

RIP, this just dropped from 55 keys 10 days ago

2 sellers at 48 keys... One is clean. I feel like I saw a different clean seller at 48 a few hours ago,

~10.33 ref
Unique Forgotten King's Restless Head

Damnnnnnn this is a nice hat. Why is it so low? Seems kinda rare for a unique cosmetic Halloween Only Demo that's why :(

3 2 buyers at 10.33

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