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  • Strange Festive Scattergun 1
Strange Festive Scattergun
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    1.7–2 buds
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    2–2.2 buds
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Posted 1 year ago by LiddoJunior

This Needs a Change. Evidence and Reasoning in the comments. Feel free to comment.

Total Votes71
% Positive95.77%
Alternate/Past suggestions
SubmitterPrice SuggestedDetailsNotes
Kombat Wombat 2.8 budsScore: 92.59% · 6

Accepted 6 days ago

From my studies I have found that most people either sell at ridiculous prices for kill streaks and ...
∞Ramses B>craft #1991 2.8–2.9 budsScore: 88.09% · 7

Accepted 3 weeks ago

Needs a conservative bump down. Listed scatterguns are non-killstreak scatterguns. 1 seller in clas...
zmutowany 3 budsScore: 78.87% · 21

Accepted 4 months ago

(Month ago price) Not many in market
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User Comments

Buyer at 45 keys


^^^ Pays 45 keys, look at bttom comment heres a quick look

Seller who sold at 40 keys


^^^ He had it up for 3 weeks before takinng his best offer of 40 and the offer for quick look the history for quick look

Sellers Selling at 46 Keys


Seller Selling @ 48 keys


Sellers Unsuccessful selling for 2 buds as b/o


^^^^ interesting as he dropped his price. Most likely from seeing everyone else trying for only 2 buds



No b/o so no idea where to place. Best offer is 2 BMOC + 5 keys ~39 keys at best (2 weeks old Trade)

^^ trying for 2 buds + 3 keys lower then current range.



They aren't selling for more then 2 buds.

They get sold for less. 1.5-1.7 Buds usually.

They dont even sell at 2 buds. Im being conservative and moving down slowly so i wont get some angry rude people yelling at me cause they own it.

    Sounds reasonable. Upvote.

      gg sf weps

        omg i hav 1 i dun want 2 drop so downvote :(

        Just kidding, I couldn't care less. Good proof, upvote.

        Every Time I See One Of Your Suggestion All I Can See Is This. Anyways Proof Is Good, You Have My Metaphorical Upvote.