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  • The Backwards Ballcap
The Backwards Ballcap
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Suggested by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent 3 years ago

Definitely in need of a drop, though it's not down to craft hat status just yet. Explanations in comments.


[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

43 votes up
9 votes down
Alternate/Past suggestions
Submitter Price Suggested Details Notes
Avatar Glitch_Redux3.33–3.66 refScore: 80% 2

Accepted 7 days ago

After my previous suggestion sat for too long, it is time to update it's range to match the market b...
Avatar Glitch_Redux2.33 refScore: 69.16% 4

Accepted 2 months ago

* Insert clever and witty pun here* For my own sales I provided proof that each sale sold f...
Avatar d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)2 refScore: 79.57% 4

Accepted 1 year ago

Solds - - 1.66 (QS)
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Link 1- The Ballcaps listed on outpost. 20 pages only go back 4 hours. A quick skim will show the tremendous numbers asking for 2 refined. Some are asking for more yet, but with the insane numbers asking for 2 ref, they can easily be discounted.

Link 2- Wishlist requests for Ballcap, demonstrating still high demand for the Ballcap. Lots of people still wanting to pay at least 1.33 refined for it.

Link 3 and 4- Evidence of unsold trades asking for lses than 2 refined. One asking for 1.66, one asking for lower yet at 1.44 refined. There were 3-4 other trades asking for 1.88 ref as I skimmed through the asking prices, though I failed to grab their links as I went by.

    Yep, these became far harder to sell compared to the past, I support this change

      Huh, I tried making this earlier but it told me I couldn't because of some percentages and stuff.

      It's also overstocked on the WH.