Price Suggestion
~5 keys
Unique B.M.O.C.
No comment.
77 votes up
30 votes down
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    I agree. I had "offers or buyout 24 keys" and someone added me for 24 keys.

      The Spreadsheet Admin is both a tagged scammer and a known price manipulator. That being said, a significant amount of traders do follow spreadsheet pricing (especially TF2OP traders) so if that's what people are selling and buying for, I guess that's the price.

        Apart from the Spreadsheet owner being a Dick and a Scammer. This is the Price the BMOCs Go for if thats what you were asking for. Take a Stroll in outpost and you will see. Even BMOCs Set with 1 Buds Buyouts get sold now.

          He's a scammer and I hate him but his influence will necessitate this action later if we don't take it now.

            sold a black bmoc for buds, this is definitely fair

              The listings on page 20 of Outpost are 8 hours old. That means that over 400 BMOCs were posted on Outpost in the last 8 hours, almost every single one has 1 buds buyout.

              There is no reason why this price needs to be increased.

                Actually There are lot of them of Buyouts of 1-1.5 Buds. And a Buds is far more over than 62 Ref. it's around 70 ref.

                Put a B.M.O.C up for sale for 25 Keys. And See how much time it stays there.

                  We can't even see listings older than 8 hours to determine the true value of this item.

                  8 hours is not a long enough time to determine what these truly sell for.

           3x @ b/o 23 keys, including painted

           b/o 23 keys

                    Highest (real) c/o I've seen was 22 keys, most of them ~20.

                    There are so many of them for sale, it makes me wonder why the value would be so high if nobody wants to keep them?

                      both of those 23 keys each trades seem a little new. Lets see if they get sold for 23 keys each sooner :) And The Second one got an Instant Sell if you check now. Thats

                      Offer worth 24 keys

                      Lets see where this goes

                      22 Keys C/O

                      Also not sure about 62 ref .....