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Steam user since 2013-12-22 · Last Online: 3 hours ago
  • 6,742 refined
  • 14.99 raw metal
  • 4 raw keys
  • $506 USD
  • $643 USD
  • 659/1,000 slots used
3 positive ratings
0 negative ratings
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  • 0 Apparently A Vegan Cat left feedback 2 months ago

    Lended some ref. Gave back in return just I what asked him for. Very trustworthy

  • 0 Papa Nigguhtee left feedback 10 months ago

    Lended my unusual to hold for keys. Gave me back after promised time. Very trustworthy trader

  • 0 Sir McFriedPants The Third left feedback 1 year ago

    Awesome guy, never scammed me, even when i gave him alot of keys