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Steam user since 2012-09-24 · Online
  • 25,968 refined
  • 15.11 raw metal
  • 4 raw keys
  • $1,948 USD
  • $1,779 USD
  • 434/1,100 slots used
23 positive ratings
0 negative ratings
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  • 0 Saphira left feedback 1 month ago

    An amazing and nice trader, if you get the chance trade with him!

  • 6 Fatz left feedback 3 months ago

    Sold 5 keys via PayPal. They went first. Thanks fellow.

  • 28 OutOfTouch left feedback 6 months ago

    +rep bought around 290 keys in a few transactions. He was first. I paid via paypal. Everything went perfect. Thanks :).

  • 6 ♛She is BAE<3 ツ left feedback 7 months ago

    + rep lended me 20 keys back on 9 Aug 2016 when I needed keys, hes patient and cool guy who is willing to trust and wait for me to return the keys. As of 19 Aug 2016, I have returned him 22 keys.

  • 0 chejos left feedback 8 months ago

    bought 10 keys, went first - ty

  • 1 Googlas left feedback 8 months ago

    Bought 3 keys of him, everything went super smooth :)

  • 3 Bophades left feedback 8 months ago

    Bought 20 keys via Paypal. Trade went quickly and smoothly without any problems.

  • 24 vaXCine left feedback 9 months ago

    +++++REP I went first. I purchased 214 TF2 Keys via PayPal. There was a bit of problem with PayPal, but seller was superbly patient. Transaction went through. Excellent seller!

  • 1 reptilepencil left feedback 10 months ago

    Positive Rep to this guy! Bought a bunch of Keys without any problems from this guy. Can be trusted.

  • 1 FlamingTaco left feedback 10 months ago

    bought 40keys, everything went good! easy and friendly to talk:)