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Steam user since 2012-06-17 · Last Online: 3 hours ago
  • 1,766 refined
  • 0.44 raw metal
  • 0 raw keys
  • $132 USD
  • $79 USD
  • 260/2,000 slots used
3 positive ratings
0 negative ratings
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  • 10 Breaducation left feedback 4 months ago

    +rep Sold me 4 keys via PayPal, smooth transaction!

  • 6 Vytalli left feedback 9 months ago

    Sent an offer with my hat and his keys, Deal had an undisclosed amount of cash and I requested to receive the cash after the trade, He sent cash after trade and there was no problem whatsoever

  • 0 Bjoorin left feedback 11 months ago

    Did a trade with him where he couldn't pay the full price immediately and told me that he'd give me the last key as soon as he acquired it, got the key now and would recommend trading with him.