Price Suggestion
~65 keys
Unusual Anger Tesla Coil
51 votes up
20 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 2 days ago.

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Had this hat for months. Originally advertised it at 100 keys and couldn't sell it (had it price for ~1.5 months at this price) I received no offers in this time. Reduced my price to 75 keys and had it there for about 2 months, no offers whatsoever and unsold.

Priced it at 65 keys and it finally sold about a week later. Only offer here was the actual payment.


Also have my inventory history if someone really wants.

    two in existence atm, Unless the other guy doesnt plan on reselling, I would suggest waiting till there's more sales and resuggesting.

There's another sale. -!/compare/1492560000/1492646400 - Frostbite Burglerre, which is outdated and needs a mini.