Price Suggestion
~16 keys
Unusual Trencher's Topper Terror-Watt
55 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 3 months ago.

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Counter, requested by Mindacos.

Usable Sale

-Sale involving a spec ks aussie nade launcher and a laugh taunt valued at ~16 by Mindacos on the other open sgt:!/compare/1483920000/1484006400 -credit to Mindacos and Tom

Unusable Sale

-Sold for 13 pure: -credit to ForteSP

Taking 16 thanks to the sale above.

    sold in 1 day , can be considered as quicksale again lol

      As someone who is quite new to price suggestions, I was wondering, as there is legitimate evidence for terror-watt being around these prices, how does the much lower price of killa-watt affect these suggestions?