Price Suggestion
~14 ref
Unique Backpack Expander
416 votes up
206 votes down
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    first one selling for 6.33 now

      His stock is uncraftable, which is already priced around this level.

      He's not selling for 6.22 anymore.

        No proof for this suggestions exists anymore. There is also a buyer that counters it.

          The 6.22 bot only sells uncraftable worth 6.33 so its not same item, if you see sellers at 13 you should make that the price, not 6.22

            No proof exists anymore, guaranteed suggestion fail

              This aint accurate any longer.

                There are now several buyers above the suggested price. Downvote ;-;

                  As teeny said, the seller's stock is uncraftable. Buyers at classifieds counter this as well.