Price Suggestion
~1.9 keys
Unique Earbuds
60 votes up
19 votes down
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I like Earbuds


Sold mine for 2 Keys

Sellers and buyers fluctuate

1 Seller below 2 Keys on outpost - Countered by buyers on and seems badly bumped

Cheapest most valid seller is @ 2

Buyers fluctuate around 2 Keys

I have confirmation of another sale from Erik

"And I have quicksold 1 earbud for 2 keys (sold after 6-8 hours up)"

Foamy has sold his for 2 keys but it's in a Hold

Rolling with 2

Oh and SCM Supports this Raise

Thanks =)

    Buyers support the raise.


      I wonder why so many sellers have their prices in ref, lol. From buyers I can imagine, but why would sellers do that?