Price Suggestion
~10 keys
Unusual Stately Steel Toe Stormy Storm
642 votes up
126 votes down
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Stormy Storm Stately Steel Toe

New price: 10 keys

[proof below]

Sold for 9 keys and some refined after trying to quick sell it for 3 weeks at 10 keys.

Sale at 10 keys

Seller at 11 keys. Item has been in the backpack for 4 months.!/compare/1478044800/1478131200

Sold in bulk for an unusual Team Captain



SALES = 9.2 / 10 / (9.2 offer on but retracted later)

SELLERS = 10.7 / 11 / 12

BUYERS = 9.2 / 9.2

It took 3 weeks to quick sell mine at 9.2 so this hat does not deserve a high price. I'm going with 10 (resuggesting)

Feel free to comment if you noticed any mistakes, want to add more proof or don't agree with the suggested price.

    Quicksold it to the bot 2 weeks ago (as seen in the screenshot)

    He is still unsuccessfully quick selling at 10.7

      it did sell though. but that 11 key seller for 4 months. i'd be a real c*nt and suggest it at 10 - 10.5 just to trigger those with adhd and get everyones panties in a bunch lol <--- j/k... kinda

      your logic is pretty sound at 10 flat.