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    • 10 ref Haunted Headtaker's Hood 40 Found in Crate
    Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Bumped 5 hours agoListed 2 months ago by ' Đßא ღ

    Overpay in items.-

    • 10 keys Haunted Headtaker's Hood 72 Found in Crate spells
    Haunted Headtaker's Hood Selling 2x
    Bumped 34 minutes agoListed 3 months ago by SQU1RRELLY

    Ultra Rare, 2x Spells. Chromatic Color Changing + Deep Spooky Voices. Send Trade Offers

    • 12 keys Haunted Headtaker's Hood 14 Found in Crate
    Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Bumped 2 hours agoListed 5 months ago by Pyotoru

    Headtaker's Hood spells Chromatic Corruption + Headless Horseshoes /// more cosmetics with footprints here http://bazaar.tf/trade/1403832

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    • 5.33 ref Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Bumped 15 minutes agoListed 2 days ago by YJSNPI Bot

    [↑↓] 24/7 TRADING BOT! // Send me a trade offer! Fast accept!

    • 5.33 ref Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Haunted Headtaker's Hood
    Bumped 16 minutes agoListed 4 weeks ago by BoomZoom | КЛЮЧИ за реал

    [⇄] AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTING! [⇄] Send offer! Don’t add me! No Hold! Don't add extra for Paint/Parts/Other.



~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

Last sugg before I take the ACT. Shheiiit.

-Plenty of buyers above bp.tf price on the classies: https://i.gyazo.com/f37fac8fc1b78e55172555510c37ef13.gif

~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

Halloween is around the corner, and so is my birthday! (October 28th :D )


http://imgur.com/k20dTjz - 2 buyers at 3 ref and one at 3.22 ref


~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

Sale at 3 ref:


No sellers for less on outpost or classifieds, one buyer at 2



~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

The one I own is the sold I have. Check my BP before spelling any word about it.

SALES: (This item is not sold often)

I bought one for 0.66 and sold it

~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

Easy to find at 1 refined or less


2 at 1 refined (8 hours, 13

~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

1 Of best looking Halloween hats on demo and in general.

Price must go higher.


http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/22639755 - 3.33 ref


~6.66 ref
Haunted Headtaker's Hood

Homework status: []done [x]not done

Unsolds at 2.44 ref



Sellers for under