Refined Metal

State Distribution for Refined Metal

Particle Distribution for Refined Metal

Schema Tracking

  • Capabilities
  • The item is now gift wrappable.
  • Capabilities
  • This item can now be killstreakified.
  • Capabilities
  • This item is now marked as consumable.
  • Capabilities
  • This item can now be strangified.
  • Capabilities
  • This item can now be card upgraded.
  • Capabilities
  • This item now supports Strange Parts.
  • Capabilities
  • This item can now be restored.
  • Name defined as Craft Bar Level 3.
  • Definition index defined as 5002.
  • Item class defined as craft_item.
  • Item type name defined as Craft Item.
  • Item name defined as Refined Metal.
  • This item's 'The' prefix was removed.
  • Default item quality defined as 6 (Unique).
  • Inventory image defined as backpack/crafting/pile_of_junk3.
  • Minimum level defined as 3.
  • Maximum level defined as 3.
  • Image URL defined as

  • Large image URL defined as

  • Craft class defined as craft_bar.
  • Craft material type defined as craft_bar.
  • Used by classes
  • 0 defined as null.