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Trust Issues

Banned bot.

Hey, wanted to ask you a couple questions about my bot's ban

The guy my bot traded with was banned on but had a clear steamrep. Just wanna let you know that doesn't allow to filter users by ban reason. So you mean that this guy can just ban all other bots right now? He would simply need to send them all specific offers and thats it. Either services should be considered "illigal" since it may cause an unavoidable ban or there should be some kind of rule to ban all scammer alts on steamrep. Otherwise fair and law abuilding users are suffering.

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    polar commented 1 week ago

    Hey, just a heads up, automatic has measures in place to block trading with any user that is banned sitewide on If you use that you won't run into these issues. If you choose to run your own bot service, such as, then you will risk getting banned again for trading with scammers and the bans will get progressively longer.

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    NarkoMyaso b keys>TF1.80/CS2.05$ commented 1 week ago

    Got it

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