=(eGO)= Super_Pizza opened this issue 2 weeks ago
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Listings being removed, happens almost daily

Not sure why this keeps happening, but my listing for an unusual skin keeps disappearing every day or so and I've repeatedly had to re-make it. I don't think it's being removed by a moderator because I would get a notification for that, and I don't use any external site mods or user-scripts. It shouldn't be listings getting pruned as I do bump my listing(s) at least twice a day.

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    cares commented 2 weeks ago

    I see you're not bumping your listing as often as you claim. After 5 days of inactivity, your listing will be removed.

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    =(eGO)= Super_Pizza commented 1 week ago

    Yeah, spring break happened. Nothing I can do about spotty internet. This issue was happening before that.