Who is behind this site?

This site is currently maintained by two individuals: Fiskie and Steve "Brad Pitt" Rabouin. We also have a few people helping out - you can identify these guys by their cool personas, colorful names and profile tags.

If you are looking to contact someone that is in charge, please read the contact information page before attempting to add someone from our team.

How can I accumulate contribution points?

There are currently only two ways to accumulate contribution points. Note that if you ever go into negative points, you will not be able to post new price suggestions until your contribution points are positive again.

Here's how to gain contribution points:

  • Upvote an item. If the price gets accepted and you've voted on the item, you will get 1 contribution point. You will lose 1 contribution point if the vote gets denied.
  • Downvote an item. If the price gets denied and you've downvoted on the item, you will get 1 contribution point. You will lose 1 contribution point if the vote gets accepted.
  • Start a price suggestion. You will receive 10 contribution points if it gets accepted. In the case it gets denied, you will lose 5 contribution points.
  • If you close your own suggestion, you will not lose any extra contribution points than the already accumulated. (this is to promote self-moderation!).
  • Negative votes affect your contribution points instantly, and positive ones are only added after a suggestion is accepted. The rationale behind this is very simple: block trolls from suggesting multiple bad suggestions in a row.

If you ever end up with negative contribution points:

  • You cannot go lower than -5, it will be reset to -5 every day.
  • Every day passing, you will gain 1 point back. So if you're in the negatives, you could wait it out for 5 consecutive days and be automatically back to 0.
  • You can still vote on items. You can gain points back by voting accurately.
How can I get tickets for the monthly raffles?

There are currently 3 ways to earn raffle entries.

  • Vote on suggestions. Every month, we remove the rejected votes from the accepted votes (this ensures you're not simply voting on everything, we're looking for accuracy!). For each 100 votes left you will receive 1 entry up to a maximum of 5.
  • Make a donation. For every $1 of items donated, you will receive 1 ticket.
  • Become a Premium Member. Each Premium Member receives 5 tickets every month and are also entered in a premium-only raffle.
How is the multiplier calculated?

The multiplier is very simple and was created to allow people with more knowledge about the market to participate in higher price suggestions. It's currently calculated with the formula: contribution points divided by 250.

There is a bottom and top limit. The minimum multiplier will always be 1, and the maximum multiplier one person can get is 5.

In other words, if you have 500 contribution points, your multiplier will be 2. If your backpack's all-time highest value has been 1 bud, this means you can now suggest a price of up to 2 buds, and vote on items valued up to 2 buds.

I've seen people with badges on their backpack, how can I get one?

Earning badges is very easy. Here are a list of badges and a description on how to acquire them:

  • Early Adopter was awarded to people who logged in to the voting section prior to July 13, 2012.
  • Supporter is awarded to anyone who joins our Steam Group.
  • ★★★★★ is awarded based on the user accuracy for the previous month. The higher the accuracy and number of votes, the more stars you get.
  • Pricing [...] is awarded based on successful price suggestions.
  • [...] contributor is awarded based on contribution points accumulated via voting and submitting price suggestions.
  • Unusual Hat [...] is awarded based on successful unusual hat price suggestions.

We also have special donator badges, you can find more about them on the donate page. More badges may appear in the future.

How does the site handle special price adjustments like painted items?

Here are the modifiers applied to modified or special items, based on prices from the pricelist. These modifiers are cumulative, and in this order:

  • Price assigned is from the pricelist.
  • If the item is painted, the item will get a 50% bonus from the price of the paint.
  • If the item has a strange part applied, the item will get a 50% bonus from the price of the strange part.
Is there a developer API?

Yes! Check out our API documentation.

How can I get more listings in the classified section of the site?

By joining the Steam Group you will gain 4 extra listings. Please note that the extra listings are not instant, it can take up to an hour for membership to take effect.

You can also Donate to gain more classified listings.

What technologies are used behind the site?

In short: We're running a combo of nginx/php-fpm on CentOS and the database is MongoDB.

The entire back-end is custom coded. We're not using any pre-made libraries for pretty much anything. The front-end uses parts of Bootstrap, Font Awesome (including Accell's Steam icon pack) and jQuery.

Our servers are located about 2ms from the Valve Web API server. This was a strategic move to ensure backpacks loaded extremely fast.

You can find more details about some of the other technology we use in the stats.tf faq page.