Card Swapping Bots

Warning. This service is being shutdown soon. See announcement here.

Do you need help with the service? We have a forum dedicated to it. Click here to visit.

Click the Join Queue button on any of the bot you wish to trade with and the bot will add you as a friend right before your turn. He will send you a trade when it is your turn after you've accepted the friend request. If you do not answer in time, you will need to re-join the queue.

The bot will give you a credit amount for each card, allowing you to bank up to 1500 credits should you wish to purchase items at a later time. If you want to get one of the last 2 item of a specific kind, the bot will raise its price. You can wait until more items of that kind are added to get regular price.

A chat message will inform you of the price paid for each item.

The commands are simple:

  • add itemname (ex: add demoman)
  • remove itemname (ex: remove heavy (profile background))

You have 3 minutes to complete your trade. After 3 minutes the bot will cancel the trade.

Each bot will accept a maximum of 20 cards, 5 emoticons and 5 backgrounds of each kind.

TF2 Keys are accepted at the rate of 250 credits, and metal is divided based on the price.

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