IGetPrices v4 Returns community price information for all priced items

IGetPrices v4 /api/IGetPrices/v4

Returns community price information for all priced items

This API may only be called once every 300 seconds. A Retry-After header with a Unix timestamp at which another request may be made will be provided, if the request was rate limited.

The response from this API is cached globally for 900 seconds.

The example provided is minimalist. The actual result is much, much larger.

  • format - The response format. Default: json. Valid options: json, jsonp, vdf, pretty.
  • callback - JSONP only. Name of the function.
  • key - Your backpack.tf API key.
  • raw - If set to 1, adds a value_raw to the priceindex objects which represents the value of the item in the lowest currency without rounding. If a high value is set, the raw value will be an average between the low and high value. Setting raw to 2 prevents this behaviour by adding a new field, value_high_raw.
  • since - If set, only returns prices that have a last_update value greater than or equal to this UNIX time.
  • response
    • success - 1 if successful, 0 otherwise.
    • message - If success is 0, this contains the reason for failure.
    • current_time - The server time when the response was created
    • raw_usd_value - The USD value of the smallest currency (i.e. Refined Metal).
    • usd_currency - The name of the smallest currency as it appears in the priceindex objects.
    • usd_currency_index - The definition index of the smallest currency.
    • items - an object of items keyed by item names.
      • Item Name
        • defindex - array of defindexes the item is linked to. usually defindex[0] will suffice.
        • prices - array of prices, keyed by quality
          • Quality - Quality as integer; e.g. Unique is 6.
            • Tradable/Non-Tradable - Either "Tradable" or "Non-Tradable"
              • Craftable/Non-Craftable - Either "Craftable" or "Non-Craftable"
                • Priceindex - item's priceindex (see below); usually 0
                  • currency - internal currency name of the price
                  • value - item's value in said currency
                  • value_high - item's value's upper bound in said currency. only set if the item has a price range.
                  • value_raw - item's value in the lowest currency without rounding. If raw is set to 2, this is the lower value if a high value exists. Otherwise, this is the average between the high and low value. Requires raw to be enabled.
                  • value_raw_high - item's high value in the lowest currency without rounding. Requires raw to be enabled and set to 2.
                  • last_update - Unix timestamp of when the price was last updated.
                  • difference - A relative difference between the former price and the current price in the lowest currency. If this item is the lowest currency, then this is USD. If difference is equal to the value, assume new price. If difference is 0, assume refresh.
                  • australium - if set, item is an Australium weapon.
Example Output
Input http://backpack.tf/api/IGetPrices/v4?key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    "response": {
        "success": 1,
        "current_time": 1488743993,
        "raw_usd_value": 0.1,
        "usd_currency": "metal",
        "usd_currency_index": 5002,
        "items": {
            "Refined Metal": {
                "defindex": [
                "prices": {
                    "6": {
                        "Tradable": {
                            "Craftable": [
                                    "value": 0.08,
                                    "currency": "usd",
                                    "difference": 0,
                                    "last_update": 1488385886,
                                    "value_high": 0.12
            "Mann Co. Supply Crate Key": {
                "defindex": [
                "prices": {
                    "6": {
                        "Tradable": {
                            "Craftable": [
                                    "value": 14,
                                    "currency": "metal",
                                    "difference": 14.11,
                                    "last_update": 1488385975,
                                    "value_high": 14.22

The priceindex is an attribute that is applied to priced items that share the same definition index and quality. For most items, it is zero. Otherwise, the use varies by context:

Particle effects

For items with particle effects, the priceindex corresponds to the ID of the particle as documented in the web API.

Dual qualities

Dual quality IDs are bit shifted by 16.


The priceindex corresponds to the crate series.


The priceindex of a Strangifier corresponds to the definition index of the item it can be used on.

Chemistry Sets

The priceindex of a Chemistry Set is a hyphen-delimited string of two numbers; the definition index and the quality of the item. 1086-14 is the priceindex for a Collector's Festive Wrangler.