IGetCurrencies Returns internal currency data for a given game

IGetCurrencies v1 /api/IGetCurrencies/v1

This API provides the information you need to link internal currency names to the appropriate item in the IGetPrices interface. If implemented property, this will remove the need to hardcode the internal currency names (e.g. metal and keys) into your app, ensuring your app works in a multi-game scenario or if currencies used on backpack.tf need to change.

  • format - The response format. Default: json
  • callback - JSONP only. Used for the function call.
  • key - Your backpack.tf API key.
  • raw - If set, adds a value_raw to the priceindex objects which represents the value of the item in the lowest currency without rounding. If a high value is set, the raw value will be an average between the low and high value. Setting raw to 2 prevents this behaviour by adding a new field, value_high_raw. Default: disabled
  • response
    • success - 1 if successful, 0 otherwise.
    • message - if success is 0, this contains the reason for failure.
    • current_time - The server time when the response was created.
    • currencies - an associative array of app currencies.
      • Internal currency name
        • name - name of the currency (e.g. Refined Metal).
        • quality - the quality index of the currency.
        • priceindex - the internal priceindex of the currency.
        • single - the single form of noun that is used in the suffix.
        • plural - the plural form of noun that is used in the suffix.
        • round - the number of decimal places the price should be rounded to.
        • craftable - either "Craftable" or "Non-Craftable" to signify the currency's craftability.
        • tradable - either "Tradable" or "Non-Tradable" to signify the currency's tradability.
        • defindex - the definition index of the currency.
        • active - if 1, then this currency should be used when rounding up the currencies of an item. For example, the hat currency will have this value set to 0 because we do not want to price items in multiples of hats.
        • price - item price object. See IGetPrices documentation.
    • name - The app's name.
    • url - The URL to the associated backpack.tf site for the app.